How To Repair A Shaking And Thumping Washing Machine

If your washing machine is thumping and bumping around, it could be loud and irritating. The loud noises coming from your machine could be due to a number of things. Whatever it's from, it should be repaired before your machine gets damaged even further. Read below for some troubleshooting tips to repair your machine. Wash Less In The Load If your putting too much in your washing machine, it could cause the drum not to spin properly and your clothing not to tumble the right way.

How To Tell When An Appliance Needs To Be Repaired

Owning solid, working appliances is a vital part of the residential experience. When your stove, dishwasher, washing machine, and dryer are all operating as they should you're able to get so much more done than you would if you had to use manual methods. However, unless one of these appliances has completely stopped working you might not realize that there is a problem. Your appliances could be in need of repair without you even knowing.

Washing Machine Water Level Switch – Has It Failed?

Your washer has a water level switch. This small part can cause all kinds of trouble when it malfunctions. Here, you'll learn about those troubles and find information that can help you troubleshoot the machine to see if the water level switch is the root of your washing machine's issues. How the Water Level Switch Works This part senses the water level inside the wash tub. An air-filled plastic tube determines how much water is in the tub.

Having A Problem With Your Refrigerator That Isn't That Old? What To Know

A refrigerator can be a very complicated machine, and if yours is having issues even though it's only a couple of years old, you want to call an appliance repair professional. If you know that you are past the manufacturer warranty, but that the appliance should have a lot of years of use still in it, you want to see what it will cost to fix the problem and what exactly is wrong.

Possible Reasons Why Your Refrigerator Is Leaking

A leaky refrigerator is a fairly common problem that has a few possible causes. While a leak might not affect the chilling ability of your refrigerator, it can cause water damage to your floor if you don't have repairs made when you notice the problem. Here are some things that cause a refrigerator to leak and how they can be repaired. Problems With The Drain System If the leak is coming from under the refrigerator, the drainage system could be to blame.