4 Reasons Why Your Washing Machine Is Making So Much Noise

Your washing machine is not a silent machine; it is going to make some noise when it is operating. However, your washing machine should not suddenly start making a significant amount of noise all of a sudden. If you notice that your washing machine is making sounds that it was not making before, you are going to need to figure out what is going on. Here are four reasons why your washing machine may be making some unexpected noises.

Microwave Repair Vs. Replacement: Which Should You Do?

Back in the '80's, microwaves cost a small fortune, and they were not very good at cooking much of anything unless you were willing to wait a very long time for what you were cooking. Fast forward to 2018, and microwaves on sale at just the right time of year or purchased from a big box store may not cost you more than two pairs of pants. Mind-blowing, right? So, you might be asking why anyone would want to repair a microwave, rather than just replace it.

Three Reasons Your Furnace May Make Noise

Is your furnace making noise? If the noises are not too loud, you may be tempted to just ignore them. After all, if your furnace is still blowing out warm air, the problem can't be too bad -- right? Well, not necessarily. Furnace noises can have any number of possible causes; some of which are more worrisome than others. Here are three possible reasons why your furnace is making noise.

Save Money With How You Use Your Appliances

Did you know that the way you use your appliances can determine how much you spend on your monthly utility bills? You may not realize that a lot of the things you are doing on a regular basis can be increasing your bills unnecessarily. The information below will help you to lower your monthly bills without making drastic changes to the way you do things around your house. Here are some small changes you can implement that can help you see big results on those monthly bills:

How To Repair A Shaking And Thumping Washing Machine

If your washing machine is thumping and bumping around, it could be loud and irritating. The loud noises coming from your machine could be due to a number of things. Whatever it's from, it should be repaired before your machine gets damaged even further. Read below for some troubleshooting tips to repair your machine. Wash Less In The Load If your putting too much in your washing machine, it could cause the drum not to spin properly and your clothing not to tumble the right way.