Common Reasons Why Your Dryer Isn't Heating Or Drying

When you put your clothes in the dryer, you expect them to be warm and dry at the end of the cycle. However, if you find your clothes are still cold and wet, your dryer may need repairs. Dryers can seem to run perfectly fine but still not heat up enough to dry the clothes.

Sometimes, the causes are simple to fix. Other times you may need a technician. Keep reading to learn some of the common reasons why your dryer fails to heat up or dry your clothes.

The Dryer Is on a No-Heat Setting

Some people use the no-heat setting to tumble-dry small, delicate loads. If you or a family member occasionally use this setting, check the controls. Someone may have used a no-heat cycle during the dryer's last use.

The Dryer Is Too Full

Overfilling your dryer can block air and heat flow. Your clothes will not dry properly, and the inside may not feel warm. To test this, try to put in smaller loads. If the dryer's inside still isn't warm with the smaller loads, the problem is likely mechanical.

The Thermal Fuse Is Bad

The thermal fuse is a safety device. It cuts power to the heating element if the dryer's temperature gets too high to prevent fires. The dryer will run without heat with a blown thermal fuse. A technician can change the fuse and ensure your dryer runs safely.

The Gas Lines Have a Problem

Gas dryers won't heat if there is a problem with a gas supply to the burner. A faulty flame sensor or a problem with the pilot light can also cause heat problems.

The Dryer Has Electrical Issues

Your electric dryer could have various electrical issues. You could have a problem at the outlet, for example. With a faulty outlet, the machine may not get adequate power. Shorts and worn electrical components are other possibilities.

The Dryer Thermostat Needs Repair or Replacement

The thermostat senses and controls temperatures. When it doesn't work well, you could have erratic heating. The heat can run very low or very high with a faulty thermostat.

The Heating Coils Are Faulty

Damaged or worn heating elements like electric coils or gas burners could result in little or no heat. Age and lint buildup are common culprits of heating element problems.

As you can see, some issues are easy to fix, but others require an expert. If you can't pinpoint the cause of your dryer's problem, contact a residential dryer repair professional. They can check and fix all the components and help determine the best solution.