Signs That Indicate That You Washing Machine Needs Repairs

Most people use their washing machine multiple times a week to do laundry, so it can be alarming if the appliance develops any problems. The good news is that many common washing machine issues can be fixed by an in-home appliance repair service. Having your washing machine fixed is much less expensive than replacing it, and most repairs can be made promptly so you can begin using your washing machine again. As soon as you notice that your washing machine isn't functioning properly, call an appliance repair service. The following are some signs that indicate that your washing machine is broken.

Water Is Not Draining

After a complete laundry cycle, all water should be drained from the drum of the washing machine. If you open your washing machine and find that there is still standing water or if your laundry is soaking wet, this is a problem. In some cases, this issue occurs when items of laundry block the water pump. However, if everything looks normal, there may be a clog in the drain hose. Another possibility is that the water pump has failed and needs to be replaced so the water can be drained properly.

It's Extremely Noisy

While a washing machine is not the quietest appliance, it should not be overly noisy either. If you're doing a load of laundry and suddenly notice that your washing machine is making excessive noise, turn off the cycle and investigate. Sometimes excessive noise can occur when your washing a bulky item, such as a large blanket, and it's not evenly dispersed in the drum of the washing machine. If your laundry is evenly dispersed but the washing machine is still extremely noisy, it may mean that either the drum or motor mount have become loose and need to be tightened by an appliance repair technician.

There's Not Enough Water

Before you put a load of laundry into your washing machine, you can set the water level based on the size of the load. If your washing machine is not filling up with the right amount of water, there is an issue that needs to be repaired. There are several reasons why your washing machine may not be filling up properly. These include a bad water intake valve, a clogged filter, or a problem with a hose. An appliance repair technician will be able to inspect your washing machine, diagnose the problem, and make the necessary repairs. 

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