Air Conditioning Components That Often Need To Be Replaced

Your home's air conditioner will eventually need to undergo repairs to replace components that have become too worn to function properly. Due to the types of wear that your air conditioner can be prone to, there are some components that will be more likely to need to be replaced.

Internal Temperature Sensors

While your thermostat will control when the air conditioner is running, this device will also have internal temperature sensors that are designed to help protect it from a variety of malfunctions. For example, some of these sensors will detect when the system is overheating. Due to the important functions that these sensors serve, malfunctions can lead to severe performance problems for the system. Luckily, removing faulty sensors and replacing them with new ones is a fairly simple repair to do, and the parts for completing this work are extremely affordable. While it may be possible for an air conditioner to partially function with compromised internal temperature sensors, this can increase the risk of the system suffering damage.

Fan Belt

The internal fan belt of an air conditioner can be extremely important because the fan will be responsible for both pumping cooled air into the home while also moving air over the coils. Over time, the fan belt will become frayed, and this can increase the risk of it suffering a complete failure. When the primary fan belt fails, it can result in major damage to the system because it can strike the other components with a tremendous amount of force, which can damage them. This risk makes it vital to replace the belt at the first sign of it suffering excessive wear.

Drain Pipe

Air conditioners will produce large amounts of moisture due to the condensation that will collect on the internal coils. This condensation will need to be able to drain out of the unit or it can rust important components and potentially short-circuit vital electronics. Drain pipes are often extremely vulnerable to suffering damage due to their positioning. In particular, it can be common for these pipes to become warped, which can impede the flow of water out of them. If left unrepaired, this problem could lead to enough moisture accumulating to flood the interior of the system. Corrosion is another common problem for drain pipes, and this can lead to the water to drain unpredictably. As a result, this can lead to some of the water making it back into the interior of the system.

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