4 Reasons Why Your Washing Machine Is Making So Much Noise

Your washing machine is not a silent machine; it is going to make some noise when it is operating. However, your washing machine should not suddenly start making a significant amount of noise all of a sudden. If you notice that your washing machine is making sounds that it was not making before, you are going to need to figure out what is going on. Here are four reasons why your washing machine may be making some unexpected noises.

#1 Damaged Tub Bearings

Bearings are really small parts that play a big role in keeping your washing machine running quietly. A bearing is a small circular tool that holds the barrel of your washing machine in place. Sometimes, these bearings become loose and just need to be tightened up. Other times, the bearings get worn down and just need to be replaced. To replace the bearing, the bolt has to be removed and the bearings attached to it have to be replaced.

#2 Worn Out Drive Pulley

Next, the drive pulley on your washing machine may be worn out. The drive pulley is a belt that helps propel your washing machine. It is accessed by removing the back panel of your washing machine, or it may be accessed by removing the front panel depending on how your washing machine is set up. The drive pulley is essentially just a belt that gets worn out over time and causes a lot of racket when it is worn out.

#3 Worn-Out Drive Belt

The drive pulley is not the only belt on your washing machine. The drive belt helps the motor run. Over time, the materials that make up the drive belt can dry out, causing the drive belt to crack. Your washing machine may not spin if the drive belt is broken. This requires access to the internal workings of your washing machine in order to replace it.

#4 Clutch Assembly

The clutch assembly is a piece of equipment that connects your washing machine to the motor. It is specifically responsible for regulating the speed of your washing machine. If the speed seems off, like it is spinning way too fast or too slow when it shouldn't be, the clutch assembly is most likely to blame.

If your washing machine is making too much noise, one of the above culprits is more than likely to blame. An experienced washer repair technician can easily figure out what part is to blame, fix it, and get your washing machine running as quietly as possible again.