How To Repair A Shaking And Thumping Washing Machine

If your washing machine is thumping and bumping around, it could be loud and irritating. The loud noises coming from your machine could be due to a number of things. Whatever it's from, it should be repaired before your machine gets damaged even further. Read below for some troubleshooting tips to repair your machine.

Wash Less In The Load

If your putting too much in your washing machine, it could cause the drum not to spin properly and your clothing not to tumble the right way. If you have too much in your machine, you may notice that some of your clothing is dry when the load is finished, which is a good way to tell if you're putting too much in the load. Try to put less in the load and see if that helps with the noise and movement of your machine.

Check That Your Machine Is Level

If your machine is not level, it could cause it to be off-balance, which may cause it to shake irregularly. Get out your level and check that it is level. The feet on your machine may need to be adjusted if it isn't level. Make the necessary adjustments, then test your machine to see if that repaired it.

Look At The Drum

Open up the back of your machine and take a look at the screws holding the drum in place. If you've lost a screw or have any broken brackets that will hold the drum in place, these should be replaced or repaired. Also look at the drum belt to see if this is worn or broken. Replace this part as well if needed, and test your machine again.

Check The Bearings

While your machine is open, check to see if the bearings are in good condition. Try to turn the drum while watching the back of the machine to see if the bearings are moving properly. Replace these parts as needed, then check your machine.

If your machine is making a lot of noise while in the spin cycle, and you've tried everything above, it could be another issue that may require the help of a professional appliance repairman.

Stop using your machine (until it can be repaired) to prevent any further damage to it, which could be even more costly to repair. Call a professional repairman for help making the necessary washing machine repairs to your machine so you can wash your clothes (peacefully) again.