Possible Reasons Why Your Refrigerator Is Leaking

A leaky refrigerator is a fairly common problem that has a few possible causes. While a leak might not affect the chilling ability of your refrigerator, it can cause water damage to your floor if you don't have repairs made when you notice the problem. Here are some things that cause a refrigerator to leak and how they can be repaired.

Problems With The Drain System

If the leak is coming from under the refrigerator, the drainage system could be to blame. Your refrigerator drains water through a tube to a pan under your refrigerator where it eventually evaporates. If the pan is cracked, the water will leak onto the floor. Also, the refrigerator has to be leveled properly, so water drains into the pan. When the drainage system functions properly, a fan underneath the refrigerator helps evaporate the drainage water.

If the fan breaks down, water will accumulate in the pan, and it can overflow if it gets too full. Another common problem with the drain system is a blocked or leaky drain line. A repair person can fix this problem by cleaning out the front or replacing it. If the fan is the culprit, then a new one may need to be installed.

Ice Maker Problems

The ice maker in your refrigerator is connected to your plumbing supply. A leak in the supply hose can cause water puddles on the floor, and a problem with leaks around the ice maker itself can cause leaks inside your refrigerator. Problems with the ice making and water dispensing systems can be in the form of cracked lines, loose connections, or worn seals. If tightening the connections don't stop the leak, you may need to have the hoses or seals replaced to get a tight seal again.

Worn Out Door Seals

The rubber seal around the inside of the refrigerator door keeps cold air inside and warm air out. When the seal becomes worn, cold air can leak out of your refrigerator. When it meets the warmer air temperatures, condensation might form on the outside of your refrigerator and drip to the floor. The amount of water may not be excessive, but it could be enough to keep your refrigerator moist and the floor under it damp. The solution is to replace the rubber seal around the door.

It's not always easy to diagnose a refrigerator leak since many of the suspected parts are hidden behind the refrigerator, and you may have difficulty pulling the refrigerator out yourself. Rather than risk damaging your flooring, you may want to wait for a repair professional to figure out the problem and make the appropriate repairs.

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