Save Money With How You Use Your Appliances

Did you know that the way you use your appliances can determine how much you spend on your monthly utility bills? You may not realize that a lot of the things you are doing on a regular basis can be increasing your bills unnecessarily. The information below will help you to lower your monthly bills without making drastic changes to the way you do things around your house. Here are some small changes you can implement that can help you see big results on those monthly bills:

Don't worry about keeping your freezer so clean – If you are like most people then you probably like to go through your freezer regularly to toss out any foods that you aren't going to eat so you can keep the freezer nice and tidy. While this makes sense and would normally be the appropriate thing to do, it can end up costing you a little more on your energy bills. The reason for this is that having more frozen foods in the freezer will help to keep the temperature down without the freezer working so hard to achieve those lower temps. This happens because the frozen goods will also act as ice, helping to keep that coldness going.

Make sure the stripping around the refrigerator and freezer is in good condition – Check the stripping around both the refrigerator and the freezer often. If you notice that it is worn or otherwise in bad shape, replace it as soon as you can. Otherwise, it will be allowing the coolness to escape which can cost more on your monthly energy bills and cause you to need to replace food more often.

Set your washer's load size correctly – If you are only doing a small load of laundry, it is important to make sure you set the washer accordingly, so it won't use more water than necessary, as well as more energy. You may want to wait until you have a full load if you can, this way you won't be using the washer more often than you really have to.

Hang your towels and jeans to dry – While you may like the feel of a shirt and nice, soft sheets fresh out of the drier, you may be able to get by hanging things like your towels and jeans to dry. Since it is much harder for the drier to dry thick towels and heavy jeans than most other fabrics, this puts less stress on both the drier, as well as your monthly power bill.

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